And The Whole Place Is Riddled With Asbestos Although No One Is Quite Sure Where It All Is.

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There is also a mile of basement corridors and Victorian designed heating system with 14 miles of pipes. More were added in the 1860s, in the early 20th century and in the 1940s. Few were taken out. Hardly surprisingly the basement is described as a labyrinth and a bewildering mixof old and new. Up in the roof space is a similar story where a spaghetti tangle of cables make it impossible to move in some areas. Andy Piper, from the Restoration and Renewal Programme, said: Lots of people have tried to map where the cables go. But theres no chance. We cant really take them out as there are lots that we dont know what they are for and even whether they still work or not. Read More Lots of the infrastructure was replaced after the Second World War Roger Harris Inaccessible layers of electrical cabling make it impossible to move in some areas Lots of the vital infrastructure was replaced after the Second World War which, even if it had been looked after properly, would have reached the end of its natural life in about 1980. Since then, its been patched up as bits broke. And the whole place is riddled with asbestos although no one is quite sure where it all is. So in 2012 it was decided the time had come for a radical overhaul.

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